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Eating for Strength and Muscular Development, Part Five- Norman Zale (1977)



You're feeling okay. As far as you know, there's nothing wrong with you. Your gains are a little slow but that may be because you're not training as hard as you would like to, probably because your back is still bothering you, or maybe it is because you feel a slight burning sensation in your shoulders when you work out. Nothing really definite, though now that you think about it, you seem to be cutting back on the amount of weight you are using, your reps, exercises, frequency of training, just about everything concerned with training. Taking that extra vitamin/mineral tablet doesn't seem to have helped at all. Someone told you that if you had a little more protein every day you could snap out of your slump in no time, but that hasn't helped either. Slowly but surely you are becoming dissatisfied with weight training and are thinking of giving it  up . . . 

Before you make such a decision consider the fact that you can reach new heights of strength and development if your body was working more efficiently. This can be easily accomplished by detoxifying. Your lack of progress may be due to your inability to detoxify your own metabolic wastes - wastes which are easily gotten rid of by a healthy person, but bear an ever-increasing load upon the body machinery of one whose detoxifying system is less than efficient. 

The body's ability to detoxify its normal metabolic waste is the best way of judging a person's general health which in the long run will determine how fast you will progress with your weight training activities. How can building up the detoxification mechanisms help you to build a better, stronger physique?

The detoxification systems of the body can be likened to the flue on a furnace. The body is constantly producing heat as a result of the combustion of fuel (food) we consume. If the diet is high in protein and only unrefined fats, sugars, and starches are consumed, the natural food 'burns up' and leaves little 'ash' to be handled by the detoxification mechanisms. But when its natural efficiency is dampened by the introduction of almost pure chemicals, such as highly processed sugars and starches provide, it is like turning off the flue on a furnace. The combustion smolders, toxins accumulate and a vicious cycle is formed. The less brightly the metabolic flames burn, the more the fires of detoxification are prevented from rendering these toxins harmless to be excreted in the normal elimination - of which the kidney route is most important.

Alexis Carrel, who proved that a heart fed in a test tube could be kept beating indefinitely, had this to say about toxins resulting from his test with isolated live tissue:

"To a piece of living tissue in a test tube, we have to add a small amount of fluid which is 2,000 times its volume in order to prevent its being poisoned in a few days by its own wastes."

If the tissues of the human body were detoxified in a similar manner, it would require about 50.000 gallons of fluid to do this work. How this task is accomplished with only six or seven quarts of blood is the phenomenon called detoxification. To a great extent, its efficiency depends upon what you eat or do not eat.

Though the intestinal tract does not enter directly into the detoxification process its environment must be considered if detoxification is to take place efficiently. Imagine the digestive tract as a long hollow tube running down through the center of the body, actually an 'external' surface as is the skin. The condition of the digestive tract is important because unless digestion and absorption are normal, the bloodstream will not be properly fed, regardless of the quality of food that you consume. A diet free of purified, highly concentrated flour and sugar is the first step in assisting the detoxification process. Supplementing the diet with vitamins, minerals and certain foodstuffs can assist the detoxification process.

This area of detoxification is probably quite new to you. Most men in their haste to build an outstanding physique have eaten every food or supplement suggested to them. Very few have ever considered eating less rather than more food in an attempt to gain increased muscle size. Most detoxification programs involve eating less food than is normally eaten as a means of giving the body a 'rest' and helping revitalize or recharge the body's batteries. Some weight is generally lost during a detoxification program but this is rapidly regained after the program is completed. Detoxification is not easy nor is it expensive, but it is quite rewarding. After going through one detoxification most men actually look forward to and plan another one because they look and feel so good. There are many, many ways of helping the body detoxify or cleanse itself. Select the one that appeals to you and give it a chance to help you in your muscle and strength building goals.

Method 1

Drink fresh fruit juice or eat only whole fresh fruit, the juicy varieties, for breakfast. This is the ideal nourishment for early morning, because fruit requires the most infinitesimal amount of digestion and the natural sugars of fresh fruit are very easily absorbed by the body. Your body operates on blood sugar - a healthy person manufactures about four ounces a day - and this blood sugar is where you draw your energy from. Fruit, being light, does not require the tremendous amount of physical and nervous energy required by cereals, meat, eggs, and other heavy foods.

Method 2

A particular attribute of potatoes is that they are very rich in potassium chloride which helps maintain the acid-alkaline balance of the body. A one or two day diet of raw potatoes only is an excellent way to promote detoxification. To prepare potatoes for this diet peel them as close to the skin as possible, then shoe string cut and place in a bowl of salt water (which helps keep the potassium in the cells). These potato sticks can be eaten in the manner of celery stalks, eat as many as desired, but nothing else for one or two days.

Method 3

Now we have a more sophisticated program. Start out with three days of fresh carrot or other freshly prepared raw vegetable juices. (You can buy a juicer and make your own.) After three days on juices you begin eating raw fruit and vegetables for up to three weeks. This is not as hard as it sounds because you are allowed to eat as much as you want, when you want, and the results are highly rewarding. You will look and feel more alert and be loaded with new training energy. Such a raw food diet is delicious. Vegetables can be used in salads with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice and seasoned with herbs. Fruits can be made into fruit salads, fruit cups, or eaten separately. The variations are endless and the diet is quite adequate. After three weeks begin adding protein to your diet.

Method 4

Every morning for three days juice one dozen lemons and add the juice to two quarts of water. Add a little honey to make a pleasant tasting beverage. This will be used as sustenance throughout the day; drink the mixture whenever you are hungry or drink one glassful every 90 minutes, whichever is most convenient. No solid food is to be eaten. On the first day procure some beets with the tops still on. Juice these beets with the tops to make a total of 2 fluid ounces of juice, which should be consumed at breakfast and lunch. On the third day juice sufficient beets and tops to make eight fluid ounces of juice and divide into three doses which should be consumed with your three juice 'meals' of water and lemon juice. Apple juice or grape juice diluted are acceptable in place of the lemon juice, but it is highly important that you get a goodly amount of liquid into your system during these days. The beet juice is essential as it helps to cleanse out the liver. If you find the beet juice a bit strong you may dilute it with water or apple or grape juice. But remember that the undiluted beet juice will perform the best, the quickest and with the longer lasting results. On the fourth and fifth day you may eat any raw fruit and vegetables you desire. On the sixth day you may add small amounts of protein food. After this, moderate protein intake for a while. This method is very effective as it seems to help cleanse the liver which itself is the organ which filters poisons from the body.

Method 5

This detoxification system is so simple you may wish to start on it today. Combine the juice of one half lemon with two tablespoons of black strap molasses in an 8 ounce glass of hot water. Drink this mixture from 6 to 12 times a day or whenever you get hungry. Stay on this diet for as long as you like, for up to 10 days and repeat three or four times a year. Men who have tried this diet go back to it again and again because of the benefits they receive from it.

Method 6

Here is a two week program, simple in nature but very effective. You are allowed fresh carrot juice, or grapes, or grapefruit and celery, or pineapple and papaya, or banana and avocado. You are allowed any foods listed, but only in the combinations as they are, and you must eat these foods for at least three days before you change to another combination. There is no limit on the amount of food that you eat. The basic secret of this program is to start eating before you get hungry in the morning and to keep ahead of hunger all day. Otherwise, once hunger sets in, the going gets rough. Therefore, avoid hunger whenever possible. Then look at each day as one at a time. Suddenly you will find the two weeks are passed and you still like grapefruit and celery, perhaps even better than at the beginning.

Method 7

Here is another simple program for those men who feel that they might lose a quarter inch of muscle if they give up protein for a few days. Take eight large raisins and the juice of one lemon. Prepare before going to bed and place a glass with juice and raisins on the kitchen table. When awakening in the morning stir the brew, drink, then chew the raisins. After several weeks you will become conscious of the tonic effect of this simple mixture. You may eat your regular meals along with this.

Method 8

The main cause of lack of progress among hard training weight men is to be found in the derangement of normal processes of cell metabolism. The accumulation of toxins and metabolic wastes interferes with the nourishment of the cells and slows down new cell growth. When normal metabolic processes become deranged, due to nutritional deficiencies, sluggish digestion and elimination and overeating, replacement and rebuilding slows down and you fail to see results from your hard training. Keep in mind that only about half of your cells are in the peak of development and working condition. One fourth are usually in the process of development and growth, and the other fourth are in the process of breaking down or dying. Training progress is only maintained when there is perfect balance in this process of cell breakdown and replacement. If the cells are breaking down and dying at a faster rate than new cells are built, strength wanes and muscle growth ceases. It is of vital importance that the dying dells are decomposed and eliminated as soon as possible. Quick and effective elimination of dead cells stimulates the building and growth of new cells.

Here is where the following method comes in. It appears to be the most effective way to rejuvenate the body. Following this program, the process of elimination of dead and dying cells is sped up, and the building of new cells is accelerated and stimulated. According to Dr. Ralph Bircher, raw juices of the type you will use in this program contain the 'micro-electric tension' element which is responsible for the cells' ability to absorb nutrition from the blood stream and effectively excrete metabolic wastes. Drinking of large quantities of fresh raw juices has a dramatic effect on the body by helping to heal wounds and eliminate uric acid and other inorganic acids that interfere with normal metabolism. Following this program as outlined you will notice a revitalization of your body that you never thought possible and a sharpening of definition and glow about your skin that you never had before.

Detoxification of the lower intestines or colon has been shown to greatly facilitate the body's ability to regenerate through better assimilation and better elimination so do not change any of the procedures listed here even though you do not suffer from constipation.

This program will require the following items:

1) A juicer, or source of fresh, raw vegetable juices,chiefly carrots and greens.

2) An enema bag, with a 6" or 8" rubber  tube which is to be placed on the end of the regular short device which comes with the bag.

3) Powdered psyllium seed or other type of bulk laxative.

4) Nitrazine or other type of paper for testing acid-alkaline level of the urine.

5) Vitamin C tablets. Take 500 mg three times a day.

6) Betaine hydrochloric acid and pepsin tablets. Take one, three times a day.    

7) Digestive enzyme tablets. Take three at bedtime.

8) Black radish tablets. Take two, three times a day.

Days 1 through 3 -
Eat no solid food; take 8 ounces of fresh raw vegetable juice (carrot and greens) every two hours, more often if you feel the need. If you cannot obtain fresh raw vegetable juices you may use as an alternative the following: 1 part fresh grapefruit and lemon juice, 1 part water, 2 parts unsweetened grape juice. If you feel that you absolutely cannot go on liquids only, then eat only a raw vegetable salad. Results will be better if all other foods are avoided for these three days. If you are working or going to school, as most of you will, buy a couple of large thermos bottles and prepare your juices the night before.

Five times a day, at least three hours apart, mix one tablespoon of the powdered psyllium seed or bulk laxative in one glass of water or juice, drink it down and follow it with another glass of water immediately. This type of product has a tendency to thicken fast, so drink it immediately after mixing. You are going to feel bloated even though you are not eating any food, but this is merely an indication that the laxative is doing its job. The psyllium seed or bulk laxatives absorb water while in the digestive tract and expand, pushing against the sides of the intestines and getting into the crevices and convolutions and pulling out all type of dead and decaying matter which may have been clogging up your system, interfering with proper absorption of food for years. A day or two after you stop taking these products the fullness will no longer be a problem.

Each night (days 1 though 3) take an enema, using one quart of body temperature coffee which is to be made as follows: to 5 cups of cold water add 4 rounded tablespoons ground coffee (not instant). Bring to a boil in pan, turn heat down, cover and simmer 8-10 minutes. Strain, let coffee cool to body temperature and use as an enema. If need to expel, do so, then try to retain as much as possible for 5-10 minutes while you do some leg raises, situps, side bends, twists and other abdominal exercises before expelling.

Why a coffee rather than a plain water enema? The caffeine in the coffee stimulates the valves in the liver and gall bladder to open and discharge their wastes. Don't be surprised at the appearance of strings, pebbles and other strange looking items in your stool. These are products which were caught in the folds of your intestines and the bulk laxative is forcing them out.

Repeat this juice only day and enema regimen day each week for three more weeks or more often if  you feel that you need it. Use the vitamin C, betaine hydrochloride and pepsin, digestive enzymes and black radish tablets as instructed. The betaine hydrochloride and pepsin and enzyme tablets help to break down substances which may be secreted in the intestinal folds and the black radish tablets help to thin the bile so that it may more readily be expelled from the gall bladder. The vitamin C tablets help the body in detoxifying chemical wastes which are in the blood stream and kidneys.

The nitrazine paper is used to measure the acid-alkaline balance of the urine. An acid urine is desirable. Use the paper like this: simply tear off 2 inches from the roll and urinate on it, the first urination in the morning and the first after breakfast. Keep a daily record of this for a month. After that it may be done weekly or as you feel it is desirable. The test paper should be a yellowish-green or show a reading on the scale which comes with the package of somewhere between 5.0 and 6.0. If your urine turns the paper blue, you are over alkaline and you should take an extra betaine-hydrochloride and pepsin table each day.

All of the products necessary to carry out the foregoing program can be purchased at a drug store or a health food store.

After your third day resume normal eating but eliminate from your diet anything that contains bleached flour or refined flour products or sugar. Continue drinking juices in large quantities, have a raw vegetable salad every day, eat raw fruit between meals and for dessert, cook your beef very rare, soft boil your eggs and broil fish on one side only.

Then you decide to go on one of these detoxification programs don't tell your relatives, in-laws or anyone. It is strictly a personal matter. Tell only those whom it is absolutely necessary to tell. The average person who stuffs himself with three big meals a day will tell you that you do will become ill of suffer some dire consequences if you do not eat solid food all the time. There is nothing you can say to these people, they have been following the same pattern for such a long time that they accept everything they do as the only way to do things. Don't waste your precious time and energy trying to convince some toxic-loaded, ignorant person about the value of good nutrition, he probably is the same guy who has been telling you about the dangers of wasting your life with weight lifting.

All of these programs have been used successfully and stood the test of time. They are all good, but each of them appeals to another type of individual. They all have one thing in common in that they limit or eliminate protein foods during the early part of the program and rely on much raw juices and raw food as the individual comes out of the program. Those programs for detoxification which eliminate protein seem to be the only ones that work, so you should not be too concerned about losing muscle size since these programs only deny you of protein for short periods of time, and little is lost but much is gained in the long run when you are able to better digest and assimilate the protein foods that you do eat.

Don't be surprised if little aches and pains disappear while on a detoxification program. This is due to the great healing effect of raw foods and juices so be prepared to take more vigorous workouts more often after you have purged yourself of accumulated wastes.      


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