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Ernie Frantz's Ten Commandments of Powerlifting - 2nd Edition

I wrote this book because I have something to contribute to the sport of powerlifting. I do not plan to waste your time, and I certainly do not want to waste my own. This book covers it all for beginning and advanced powerlifters, bodybuilders, casual weightlifters and those interested in the correct form of the big three lifts. It contains most of what I have learned in over 50 years of powerlifting!

Over the years, I have seen many men publish their ’secrets.' I have no secrets. What I do have is a successful way in which you can further (or start) your powerlifting career. I will not tell you to do anything that I have not done with success in the past.

I have trained many champions. All of them achieved their success through the use of my Ten Commandments. I stress the basics because so many lifters forget them in clutch situations. People are not machines. The only way in which a human can master a set of instructions is to do them and do them and do them . . .

This book was written for future champions. The sex or gender of the reader is not important. What is important is a spirit and drive to advance oneself. If your goal is POWER, I suggest you read on.
This book covers everything from the proper method of performing the big three: squat, bench press, and deadlift. The ten commandments and details of overcoming challenges and solid advice. Concepts of mindset and psychological and philosophical approaches to strength training. An outline of the Frantz routine, supplements, diet, rest and relaxation, spotting, selecting training partners, injuries and rehabilitation, women in powerlifting, and common physical and psychological complaints.

Powerlifting myths, common official competition rules and interviews with some of the sport’s greats!
If you have spent decades in the sport or are just considering a start for improving yourself in your sport or general health, this book is for you.

About the Author
Bodybuilder then World Champion Powerlifter Ernie Frantz is the founder of the Frantz Powerlifting Team and the World Powerlifting Congress. Inventor, adventurer, gym owner, and a genuine kindhearted leader, Ernie Frantz has trained some of the top powerlifters in the world. He embodies the sportsman that most athletes aspire to and continues to contribute to the sport out of sheer passion.


Foreword – Publisher                                                     vii
Foreword – Ernie Frantz                                                 xi
Man of Iron (Autobiography)                                          1
   Update 2013                                                                8
   The World of Powerlifting . . .                                     14
   Powerlifting                                                                 14
The Big Three                                                                 17
   The Squat                                                                    17
   The Bench Press                                                         25
   The Dead Lift                                                               29
Frantz’s Ten Commandments                                        32
   Frantz’s First Commandment                                      33
   Frantz’s Second Commandment                                 35
   Frantz’s Third Commandment                                     37
   Frantz’s Fourth Commandment                                   38
   Frantz’s Fifth Commandment                                      40
   Frantz’s Sixth Commandment                                     41
   Frantz’s Seventh Commandment                                43
   Frantz’s Eighth Commandment                                   45
   Frantz’s Ninth Commandment                                     46
   Frantz’s Tenth Commandment                                    48
All or None Concept                                                       57
   Psychological Blocks                                                  59
Cycles and Goals                                                            63
The Frantz Routine                                                         67
Monday                                                                           67
   Squat                                                                           67
   Deadlift                                                                       68
   Bench                                                                          68
Tuesday                                                                         68
   Squat                                                                          68
   Deadlift                                                                      68
Wednesday                                                                    69
Thursday                                                                        69
   Squat                                                                          69
   Deadlift                                                                       69
   Bench                                                                         69
Friday                                                                            70
Saturday                                                                        70
   Squat                                                                          70
   Deadlift                                                                      70
   Bench                                                                         71
Supplements                                                                  73
The Diet                                                                         76
   Protein Guide                                                             79
Rest and Relaxation                                                      87
Spotting for Safety                                                         89
Training Partners                                                           91
Injuries and Rehabilitations                                           93
Women’s Powerlifting                                                    98
Common Complaints                                                      102
   Sore Joints                                                                 102
   Stretch Marks                                                             103
   Constant Feeling of Fatigue                                        103
Powerlifting Myths                                                         105
   Powerlifters are Dumb                                                105
   Muscle Turns to Fat                                                    105
   Powerlifters are Muscle-Bound                                   107
         Official Rules for the Big Three                                     109
            Squat                                                                          109
               Causes for Disqualification of the Squat                110
            Bench Press                                                                110
               Causes for Disqualification of the Bench Press      110
            Deadlift                                                                        111
               Causes for Disqualification of the Deadlift             111
         Powerlifting Now and in the Future                               112
         The Frantz Health Studio                                               116
         Blaise Boscaccy (1984)                                                 118
Bill Nichols (1984)                                                         121
Francis Rudy Ruettiger (1984)                                      124
Mary Ann Sternberg (1984)                                           127
The Frantz Family in 1984                                             130
Powerlifting Glossary                                                    135

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