Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Result Producing Triceps Program - Bob Green

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Choose a size-building movement and do it separately. Do 30 reps for the 1st set to to set the muscle up. Do 4 more sets heavy with weight increases and then drop back down and pump out another 30 rep set. Finish up with a superset.

A) Triceps Pullover Press (see space age illustration) - 

Lie back on a flat bench with your head off at one end. The barbell (a cambered bar works best) is pulled over from the floor, but as it reaches forehead level start to press or extend it upwards using the triceps. As you are completing the movement raise the head slightly to facilitate a follow-through. 

During the 4 heavier in-between sets, finish off each set with burns. Do these by lowering the bar down to the pec line. Keeping the elbows out wide, press up 3/4 of the way for as many more of these partial reps as possible.

6 sets, do 30 reps the 1st set. Add weight each set for the next 4 sets, doing progressively lower reps. On the 6th set pump out another 30 rep set with a lower weight.

B) Super Set: Triceps Dip and Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extension.

Triceps Dip - Don't just go up and down mindlessly. This is a futile and insensitive way of doing an exercise. We're not concerned here with how many dips you can do, but with how much stimulation the triceps get. To perform this type of dip, assume a grip close to the body, feet held slightly forward. As you lower yourself let the elbows "roll" out wide. When you push up, apply the pressure to heel muscle of the palm and push in. When you press up, "roll" the elbows inward until they lock.

Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extension - Use two dumbbells and lie on your back on a flat bench that is slightly propped up at one end with a box. Your head should just hang over the elevated portion of the bench. With your elbows stationary, lower the bells down at forehead level by moving just the forearms as you would in a lying French curl. The dumbbells, however, allow greater latitude of movement. Extend them back up at forehead level. Don't let them travel downward to shoulder or neck level because this will take away much of the triceps action. Once you have mastered the basic movement here, try turning the dumbbells outward as you extend upwards. This will bring about a more intensive contraction of the medial and outer triceps heads. An interesting variation is to do this lying back on a preacher bench (the flat arm rest portion), or on a 45 degree incline bench. I do feel the variation on the low inclined bench is the best, though.

To recap: 

Pullover Triceps Press - 6 sets, 30 reps, first and last sets, burns on the 4 middle sets.

Triceps Dip - 3-5 sets, 8-10 reps, supersetted with
DB Lying Triceps Extension - 3-5 sets, 10-12 reps.

When trying to add some size to your arms you are going to have to pay some attention to diet. I've talked with Bill Pearl and Reg Park in the past, and they both agree that you must put on a little bodyweight at first to make significant gains in size on the arms. This doesn't mean that you are to go out and turn yourself into a human blimp so that your arms will grow. It means that your diet should be liberal in all the proper nutrients. 


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