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More Muscle Mass - Steve Davis

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More Muscle Mass
by Steve Davis

I know how to create muscularity. My transformation by itself has helped many of you to begin your own. The nutritional and training concepts that I developed during the transformation have become popular an effective means for pre-contest training. But, there is another side to the coin -- the transformation from thin to thick, the transition to more muscle mass.

When I consider a training routine for my own purpose, the process envelopes characteristics not unlike spontaneous contemplative analysis -- a grip change, different elbow spacing, repetitions, sets or sessions per week. But, when I assume the role of trainer from trainee my processes become one-sided: "simplify . . . Simplify!" Some of of the best writing goes unheralded at best and unread at worst because the authors try to put too much thinking and not enough feeling into into their recipes. Bodybuilding is a combinative sport. Successful participants must think and feel simultaneously, but the key is that to feel you must think. To isolate biceps you must concentrate on the task. By suggesting that heavy weights produce muscle size, we can polarize total energy output to that purpose AND TRAIN, MAN.

Based on my own personal experience and nothing more (there's too much "armchairing" anyway), what follows, WORKS!

1.) Train each bodypart two times per week.

2.) For reps on arms, shoulders, chest and back, do 8.

3.) For reps on calves, erectors, quadriceps and femoral biceps (leg), do 15.

4.) Do NO abdominal work while on this routine.

5.) WEAR A WATCH, WATCH THE CLOCK, OR USE A TIMER. The time between sets must be between 30 and 45 seconds. (Note: While training for muscularity, 15 seconds!) I use 30 second rests on this routine.

6.) SELECT TWO EXERCISES PER BODYPART. (Note: I have included a sample routine.)

7) Do 6 sets of each exercise with the same weight, reps and rest period, after performing one light set as a warmup.

8.) Add weight each week (something, however small). Keep a chart or logbook.

9.) Rest 3 minutes between exercises.

10.) Think "heavy" weights. Use heavy weights.

11.) Ingest 1.0 grams of high quality protein for each pound of bodyweight. (Note: this is more protein than the FDA suggests)

12.) Follow the Master Diets contained in any of my books.

Here is an effective mass producing routine:


1. Bench Press
2. Dumbbell Incline Press
1. Dumbbell Pullover

1. Bent Rowing - strict!
2. Lat Pulldown

Low Back
1. Hyperextensions


1. Press Behind Neck
2. Dumbbell Lateral Raise

1. Barbell Curl
2. Dumbbell Incline Curl

1. Close-grip 2/3 Bench Press
2. Non-lock Pressdown

Reverse Curl


1. Front Squat
2. Hack Squat

Leg Bicep
1. Leg Curl

1. Donkey Calf Raise
2. Standing Calf Raise

Low Back
1. Hyperextension

To simplify this routine to add more muscle mass, here is a personal checklist:

How does your energy level relate to --

weight. I mean heavy weight!
protein intake
training tempo?

If the answer to each categorical question is 100% on a consistent basis, you'll have more muscle mass in three months, period!

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