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My Pressing Schedule - VLS

My Pressing Schedule
by VLS

Weightlifting progress is a creation, born of knowledge, desire and application. I have devoted many hours to the study of Press technique, and found many flaws in my performance. For example, at one time I had an incorrect movement under the bar. I brought the upper part of my body too far forward. To correct this fault, aside from carefully monitoring execution of the lift itself, I paid particular attention to the development of my trapezius and back muscles.

During my weight training I did not forget all-round development. In the summers I ran and swam a great deal and did some sculling. In winters I went skating almost every day. After each training session I played basketball or volleyball. Owing to the fact that I devoted much of my time and attention during this corrective period to the acquisition of technique and not power and strength, my results at first were not high.

Following this period I felt that my technique had improved sufficiently, and devised a program in which the greatest emphasis was placed on the development of strength. This showed results. At Munich I established a world record Press with 263¾ pounds, and I lifted this weight fairly easily.

Below I quote an example of my weekly Press training schedule. I have included poundages so as to give an idea of the relative weight jumps made, and from this you can determine your own poundage selections.


132¼ x 3.
176¼ x 2.
198¼ x 2.
220¼ x 2 (first rep a Press, second a Push Press).
231¼ x 2 (first rep a Press, second a Push Press).
242½ x 1 (Push Press).
253½ x 1 (Push Press).
220¼ x 2.

Wide Grip Press:
132¼ x 3.
154¼ x 3.
176¼ x 3.
198¾ x 3.


Press (Technique Training):
132¼, 154¼, 176¼, 198¼, 220¼, 187¼, all for 2 reps.

Wide Grip Press:
132¼, 154¼, 176¼, all for 3 reps.


132¼, 154¼, 187¼, all for 3 reps.
209¼ x 2.
225¾ x 1.
236¾ x 1.
220¼ x 1.
19 ¾ x 3.


132¼, 154¼, 176¼, all for 3 reps.

I believe the Push Press is the most important assistance exercise for the Press.

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