Monday, March 13, 2023

My Training Schedule -- John Isaacs (1953)


"Three months to go for the Mr. Universe contest, surely Reg would change my routine now." 

This was a thought one May morning, not very long ago. I had been training with Reg solidly since I came over to England in January, and thought that after four months a change in routine would be a welcome visitor to the gym. 
But No! 
I was to continue with my usual workout, only increasing my number of sets, and, in some cases, reps. Amazingly, this somewhat "slight" change was as refreshing as a completely new routine, and most effectual. However, I will try to outline this schedule, which I followed when I first began training in earnest.  

The schedule below I adhered to in the order I have given, and performed every other day . . . that is, seven times in a fortnight [two weeks . . . mon, wed, fri, sun, tues, thurs, sat].

1) Legs

 - Half Squat, with heels raised, using as heavy a poundage as possible.
4 x 10 reps
 - Donkey Calf Raise.
6 x 30
 - Leg Curl.
3 x 10
2) Deltoids
 - Press Behind Neck, strict
4 x 8
 - Dumbbell Swing, cheating style, sitting on a bench and swinging dumbbells over shoulder in an alternate movement.
3 x 20 

3) Chest

 - Bench Press
3 x 8

 - DB Bench Press
3 x 10

 - Dip
4 x 8

4) Back

 - Deadlift, strict
4 x 4
 - Barbell Row
3 x 10

5) Arms
 - This part of the body I varied with many exercises, as there are so many really excellent movements one can employ for bicep, tricep and forearm I will endeavour to devote a full article to this important factor in the future. 

6) Abdominals

 - Leg Raises on Incline Board
5 x 20

 - Situps on Incline Board
3 x 25

This session ended with chinning the bar, 3-4 sets of about 10 reps. Thus you will find if you follow this schedule that you work every major muscle group of the body and should respond satisfactorily. 
One thing I must mention, though, we are, each of us, an individual type, and the process of development will take a little longer, but there will be an improvement. Remember that you can only get out of the game what you put into it. 
Enjoy Your Lifting! 

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