Friday, January 27, 2023

Deadlift Comp Report - Ted Sobel

Courtesy of Jim Duggan

'Twas 3 weeks before Christmas,
And all noon and eve,
Gents made like Clark Kent
Like you wouldn't believe.

First came Roy Maxwell,
With shoulder-length hair
And a Sumo-style deadlift
Au extraordinaire.

Burt Rosenfield weighed in at 191
And yanked a cantankerous one-quarter ton
This grandmaster blaster may never be bested
at least not in meets where all lifters are tested.

Then Ralph Robustelli, a 20-year vet,
set a Master's World Record
Sans breaking a sweat! 

Hacksaw Jim Duggan made matters quite weighty
When he easily seized a World Record 680.
Jim's a National Champ and a likeable guy,
And he'll pull 700 . . . Hey, reach for the sky! 

Thanks to Alex Abay for helping keep score
And our tester - Bruce Brinker - el gran limpiador
And to all the meet's lifters and drug-free amigos,
For their fabulous efforts sans steroids or egos.

So reflect on the past year and cherish the Lord
For supremely clean shows and a bro like Troy Ford.

And to menfolk and maidens
of muscle and might . . . 
Merry Christmas to all, 
and to all a good night! 

WNPF 2nd Annual Lifetime Drug Free Atlantic Supernatural Deadlift
2 Dec 90 - New York, NY

Enjoy Your Lifting! 

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