Thursday, August 4, 2022

Specialization -- Dennis Weis


Here I will structure some bodypart specialization programs which incorporate Burns, Twenty-ones, and Down the Rack. 


Down the Rack Dumbbell Presses: 
Warm up first, then start heavy and work to light in 5-10 pound jumps. No rest between sets. Do 8 sets of 6 reps.

Side Lateral Raises: 
Down the rack again for 6 sets of 10 reps. No rest between sets. 

Bentover Lateral Raises:
Down the rack for 6 sets of 8-10 reps. No rest between sets. 


Preacher Dumbbell Curls: 
Use MAXIMUM weight for 6 reps. Then do 4 burns at the top position of the curl.

Preacher Barbell Curls: 
Use a wide grip for 6 reps and then do 4 burns on top. 

EZ Bar Reverse Curl:
6 reps and 4 burns. 

Perform one exercise after the other with absolutely no rest between sets. This is one series. Do 3-5 series. 


Pullup to Chest: 
Hands forward and thumbs wrapped over the bar to put stress on the lats and not the biceps. 

Lat Pulldown to Chest

Seated Cable Row

TRI-SET all (3) of these exercises for 8 reps and 5 burns on each set. Do not rest at all between sets and only a minimum of rest between series (usually when pulse rate is 80-100 beats per minute it is time to begin your next series). Do 4-6 series. These, then, are examples of how the training principles Down the Rack and Burns can be successfully applied to your specialization programs.  

Now I am going to suggest a shock routine of specialization while utilizing the 21 Movement and the Cheating Principle. 


21 Barbell Curl:
5 sets. Alternate 1 set of 21 curls to each 3 sets of Cheat Curls. 

Cheat Barbell Curl:
15 sets of 4 reps.


21 Barbell French Press: 
5 sets. Alternate 1 set of 21 French Presses to each 3 sets of the Cheating French Press.

Cheat French Press:
15 sets of 4 reps. 

Remember to use the Priority Training principle when specializing. With these ideas presented I am sure you can come up with some meaningful specialization programs of your own. 

If you are looking for an extensive program that will give you the absolute in size, power and muscularity, then this explicitly calculated bench press program by Chuck Sipes will accomplish this end. Thick armor plated pecs with cross striations and a deep ribcage, these are the bodybuilding results Chuck received from his special bench press program. That's not all. He was capable of a near-600 pound bench press at a bodyweight of 220 while on this program. It can produce excellent results for you as well. 

No. 1

Warm up Bench Press:
2 sets of 10 reps, regular grip.

Bench Press:
10 sets. Add weight, drop reps. 

1/4 Bench Press:
5 x 8 reps. Use 100 pounds over your best bench. Do the top quarter and lockout. 

Bench Press:
5 singles, close to max poundage. 

No. 2

Partial Bench Press: 
3 X 4 reps. Use 150 pounds over your best bench. Very slight elbow bend to lockout. 

Bench Press: 
5 x 2 reps. Close to max poundage.

No. 3

Incline Barbell Press:
4 x 6 reps, wide grip.

DB Incline Press:
4 x 6 reps, performed slowly.

Straight Arm Pullover:
2 x 20 reps. Very light weight, very deep breaths. 

Flat Flyes:
4 x 8 reps. Very deep breaths. Full stretch. 


Monday/Wednesday - No. 1
Tuesday/Thursday - No. 2
Friday - No. 3

Every two weeks try for a limit bench press. 

To realize your best gains ever this program should be followed for 2 six week durations. Or until your shoulders explode from overwork and way too much benching. Perhaps. 

Enjoy Your Lifting!  



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