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New Glenn Pendlay Book - "American Weightlifting"




The hard copy is 375 pages.

Glenn Pendlay, Rest in Peace
Foreword, Donny Shankle
Introduction, Trey Goodwin
A Note from James McDermott

Chapter 1: Learning the Snatch
The Learning Process
Slow Down and Do It Right
Choosing the Correct Grip Width
The Hook Grip
The Overhead Position
Gaze and the Pressing Era
Correcting the Overhead Position
The Three Step Top-Down Method
The Three Step Top-Down Method: The Snatch
Closing Thoughts

Chapter 2: Learning the Clean
The Front-Rack Position
Front Squats
The Three Step Top-Down Method: The Clean
Closing Thoughts

Chapter 3: Learning the Jerk
Step One—The Press
Step Two—The Push Press
Step Three—The Power Jerk
Step Four—Building the Split Position
Step Five—Special Jerk Exercises
Step Six—The Jerk
Closing Thoughts

Chapter 4: Cultural Differences in Programming
The Soviet Approach
The Bulgarian Approach
An American Approach
Strength and Performance-Enhancing Drugs
Training as a Clean Athlete
Closing Thoughts 

Chapter 5: How to Write a Weightlifting Program
Exposing the Fine Details of Programming
A Look Back at Cal Strength and MDUSA Programming
Strength Exercises
Programming Simplified
What are Training Cycles? 
Percentages in Training
Strength versus Technique
Specificity versus Adaptation
Transitioning to Weightlifting from a General Strength Background
Measuring Progress
Beginning as a Weightlifter
Success in Weightlifting
Closing Thoughts

Chapter 6: Programming for Beginning Weightlifters 
A Beginner’s First Program 
Establishing Baselines 
Pursuing Technical Mastery 
Pursuing Strength 
The Back Squat 
The Deadlift 
Press and Push Press 
Posterior-Chain Strength Exercises 
Programming Strength Exercises 
Programming Posterior-Chain Exercises 
Programming the Competition Lifts 
Important Program Notes 
Changing the Program 
Dealing with Missed Lifts 
Enjoy Being a Beginner 
Instant Gratifi cation 
Sample Beginner Program One 
Your First Meet 
Sample Beginner Program Two 
Closing Thoughts 

Chapter 7: Programming for Intermediate Weightlifters 
Breaking PRs 
Setting Up a Training Cycle for the Intermediate Lifter 
Lifting from Blocks 
Timed Sets 
Assistance Exercises 
Assistance Exercises for the Pull 
Power Snatches and Power Cleans 
Overhead Assistance Exercises 
Assistance Exercises for the Legs 
The Texas Method 
The Pendlay Cycle 
Intermediate Programs 
Four-Day Sample Intermediate Program 
Five-Day Sample Intermediate Program 
Six-Day Sample Intermediate Program Using Timed Sets 
Closing Thoughts 

Chapter 8: Programming for Advanced Weightlifters 
Progressing to Full Time 
Recovery—Going the Extra Mile 
California Strength and MDUSA Schedule 
Individualized Training Cycles 
Advanced Strength Training Methods 
Snatches and Cleans with a Pause 
Lifts with a Slow Eccentric 
Advanced Training Program Examples 
Donovan Ford’s Program 
Jenny Arthur Vardanian’s Program 
Jared Fleming’s Program 
Kathleen Winters Harris’s Program 
Leo Hernandez’s Program 
Closing Thoughts 

Chapter 9: Westside for Weightlifters 
My History with Westside 
The Conjugate System 
Using Bands and Chains 
The Repetition Method 
Repetition Method Exercises 
Max-Effort Exercises 
Exercise Variations 
Westside for Weightlifters Programming Overview 
Sample Beginner Program 
Sample Intermediate Program 
Sample Advanced Program 
Closing Thoughts 

Chapter 10: Programming for Youth, Junior, and Master Weightlifters
Youth Weightlifters—Generally Ages 4 to 9 
Youth Weightlifters—Generally Ages 10 to 14 
Example Week of Youth Programming 
Youth Weightlifters—Generally Ages 15 to 17 
Junior Weightlifters—Generally Ages 17 to 20 
Masters Weightlifters—Ages 35 to 80 and Above 
Closing Thoughts 

Chapter 11: Competition Guide 
Competition for the Athlete and Coach 
Preparing for a Competition 
Competition Day 
Warm-Up Progression for the Snatch 
Warm-Up Progression for the Clean and Jerk 
Competition Coaching 
Example Warm-Up Progressions 
Closing Thoughts 

Chapter 12: Making Weight 
Practice Cutting Weight First 
The Four-Step Process 
Timeline to the Weigh-In 
Regaining the Lost Weight 
Timeline for Refueling after the Weigh-In 
Closing Thoughts 

Chapter 13: The Weightlifter’s Kitchen 
Simple Guidelines 
Every Lifter Is Different 
Closing Thoughts 

Chapter 14: The Razor’s Edge 
A Complicated Relationship with Weightlifting 
Do You Have What It Takes? 
The Other Side of Technical Mastery and Gaining Strength 
Closing Thoughts 
And Finally… 

Chapter 15: The Clock is Ticking 
Training the Younger Athlete 
The Art and Science of Coaching 
Training Men and Women 
The Right Tool for the Job 
Closing Thoughts 

Chapter 16: The Pendlay Total 
Why Not Use the Olympic Lifting Total? 
Why Not Use the Powerlifting Total? 
Why Not Use the CrossFit Total? 
What about Jumping or Throwing? 
The Pendlay Total 
The Testing Protocol 
Closing Thoughts 

Chapter 17: Beginner and Intermediate Athletic Programming 
The Beginner Program for Athletics 
The Intermediate Program for Athletics 
Closing Thoughts 

Chapter 18: Advanced Athletic Programming 
The Advanced Program Exercise List 
Intensity Variation on the Advanced Program 
Programming the Advanced Template 
Rotating Exercises in the Advanced Template 
Closing Thoughts 

Chapter 19: Implementing Athletic Programs 
Programming for 8 to 12 Years Old 
Programming for Older Than 12 Years Old 
How to Introduce Exercises 
Managing In-Season and Out-of-Season Training 
Overview of the Pendlay System Template 
Closing Thoughts 

Chapter 20: Epilogue: American Weightlifting and the Pendlay Legacy 
On Learning the Lifts 
On Programming 
On Being a Weightlifter 
On Coaching 
On Communication 
Paying It Forward 
Closing Thoughts 

Appendix 1: American Weightlifters 
Caleb Ward 
James Moser 
Travis Cooper 
James Tatum 
Donny Shankle 
Jon North 
Spencer Moorman 
Kevin Cornell 
Justin “Moppy” Brimhall 
Closing Thoughts 

Appendix 2: The Pendlay Articles 
Additional Thoughts on Weightlifting 
Additional Thoughts on Squat Training 
Additional Thoughts on Deadlift Training 
The Training Log 

About the Co-Authors
James McDermott 
Mike Prevost 

Comments from James 
Athlete Models 
Photographer Credits 


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