Sunday, July 11, 2021

Bodybuilding by Numbers - Jeff Pursglove 


"I have no intention of troubling you with yet another 'sets and reps' type of book. For that reason, the two rules that I have stuck to in writing this book are:

 - it must be different to all other bodybuilding books, with content that is innovative and unique.

 - It must not be some sort of academic treatise, but rather it must be interesting to read and of practical use to both novice and experienced bodybuilders.

I have stuck to those rules by taking five outstanding concepts (one from biological science via my PhD and four from management science via my MBA) and applying them creatively to bodybuilding.

A major inspiration for this was the observation by an eminent thinker, Theodore Levitt (1960) that significant innovations in any sector often come from outside that sector . . . 

Man, I'm in for a real treat here with this one!

Enjoy Your Lifting!

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