Monday, May 17, 2021

Gaining Weight With the Squat - Peary Rader (late 1930's)

Originally Published in This Issue (Vol 2, No. 4)
 Courtesy of Michael Murphy



Because of the continual reference to the squat some may think we believe the squat to be the only means of gaining weight. This is not true as we know that many gain by various other methods than the squat. However, there are cases where it seems that nothing but the squat will get results.

I have had men gain only on heavy lifting, others on very heavy programs of many exercises. Some gain fine on clean and jerks. Others gain on mixed programs. However, most stubborn cases respond to the squat. That is the reason we give it considerable space. 

We also find that the squat can be used for various other things with variations of performance: high reps with emphasis on puff and pants and about bodyweight poundage used for the chest; with heavy weights for reap power; another variation for leg development; another for back development, etc. 

We herewith give in brief outline a weight gaining program. Some may disagree with us but we believe that it is best if one forces added poundage on the bell after a conditioning period has passed. You need not worry about whether you should squat with round of flat back as either is okay for weight gaining, you aren't doing them for development of certain muscles but to stimulate metabolism and all the functions of the body and its organs. I might say the squat makes you grow rather than that it develops you. 
First you do a military press and use what you can handle for 10 reps correctly. Then do rowing motion 15 times. Now before you wear out do the squat. Put the bar on standards and load it up. Get under it and back up and do 20 squats. The first five with one breath to each squat and from there on use 3 to 6 or more breaths. Then replace weight and breathe hard while resting. Add 10 lbs. to weight per week. Do three workouts per week if you can. If not, two will do. 
After resting do the prone press, curl, and press behind neck, each 10 reps. Do no situps. 
Eat plenty of good food and drink two quarts of milk a day. 
Sleep and rest all you can. 
Sorry I must be so brief but more another time. Try this and report to me. I gained 75 lbs. on this program. It will work if properly applied. Work hard and you will succeed. 
Enjoy Your Lifting!  



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