Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Three On, One Off, Double Split - Sam Fussell



Hey, if you haven't read this book from 1991 you might dig it. 
Okay . . . around two hours twice a day, three days in a row then a day off.
Have at 'er if you're so inclined at some point. What the hell, it's your life, right? 

Monday A.M.
Deadlift (alt with BB Row)
Seated Cable Row
Monday P.M.  

Bench Press
Incline DB Press
Flat Flyes 
Decline Press
Tuesday A.M.
Leg Press
Hack Squat
Leg Extension  

Tuesday P.M. 
Stiff Legged Deadlift
Leg Curl
Standing, Seated, Donkey Calf
Wednesday A.M.
Seated PBN
Rear Laterals
Wednesday P.M.
BB Curl
Alt DB Curl
Preacher Curl
Close Grip Bench
Wrist Curl
Rest Day












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