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Bounce, Boxes, Hopper by Whoever (1951)


Here's an article "by" Reg Park that's obviously not. 

No worries! 

You use what works without giving it a name after a while. You just know, no matter who invented it or when it came around in front of your eyes for the first time. 

Um, yeah, during this era the ______ outfit were plugging the "cheating" style a lot, and their "invention" of supersets (antagonistic) simultaneously.

You might recall J.C. Hise and others using a "hopper" setup to do stiff legged deadlifts? Well, this "bouncing" thing is that, taken and applied to other lifts. 


Okay then. 

I'll let Charles "Reg Park" Smith lay this article out for you now.  

Reg Park Says: 
Try These Exercises for Speedy Muscles! 

Power . . . Speed . . . Endurance . . . magic words of a magic era when all men dream of the glory of masculine greatness and impressive STRENGTH with an overwhelming desire.

A magic era, and a HOSTILE time as well. Never since the beginning of civilization have there been so many wonders of advanced science to live for, and never before has so much emphasis been placed on MIGHT! 

The entire world is bristling with military action . . . girding itself for the inevitable conflict in which the MIGHT of nations will hold the destiny of the world in balance. As unjust as the outcome we may see, it is wise to face the realization that the victors will be STRONG . . . strong in numbers, strong in the tools of war; and above all strong in their ability to DO THINGS. Just a SHOW of military might will not be the deciding factor . . . ACTION at a time when it is most needed is the answer. 

It may seem like a far cry from the battlefields of the world to your peaceful little gym, but the same principle of MIGHT . . . and ability to use this strength in a definite and useful manner at the very moment you need it the most remains the same.

GONE are the days when a man was admired for his physical appearance only. TODAY - a champion of the body building world must possess a combined quality of impressive muscularity and useful power to establish himself as outstanding. 

To fit into this changing picture, body building instruction must incorporate certain new ideas and it is necessary to teach lifters the correct way to train so that besides gaining greater muscle size, their programs will give them that additional quality of utmost muscular ability. In this way their bodies will only look impressive to the eye, but in addition they will be able to ACT in a forceful and masculine manner whenever there is need for such action on their part. 

The first goal of any bodybuilder to strive for is large, powerful muscles. Orthodox and scientific training methods as set down by the _____ System will do this quickly and surely. Then, after this first goal is reached, a new and more significant phase of bodybuilding must be entered into in which all the muscles of the body are infused with blinding SPEED . . . panther-like muscular reactions . . . fast on the draw . . . a whole-body mental and physical coordination so rapid in action that split second timing becomes commonplace. 

To gain this enviable degree of physical perfection is not hard . . . BUT - you must know how. You must know the exercises to perform. How to perform them and WHEN they will do you the most good. The science of bodybuilding has reached a point of precision today, thanks to the never ending research work of the ______ Research Clinic, and all of us connected with it, whereby practically EVERYONE can now hope for maximum results in a minimum period of time. 

The ability to do things with your muscles IS NOT the result of a happy accident. It can come only through the application of definite scientific principles, principles which I bring to you in this exclusive article. Any other method will FAIL to produce ideal results [ain't this all just sounding so familiar some 70 odd years later!] The day of show muscles is GONE - power, speed, endurance,  ability to do things reigns supreme. YOU - can have them all! 

It is natural that you should want to be able to do things with your muscles. Every outstanding body builder I have ever met was capable in some other sport. They were outstanding in bodybuilding because they had trained correctly, and because they had trained correctly they were able to use their muscles for any purpose. However, like so many championship secrets, the public does not always have access to them.

Damn it! Who let that elephant in the room. 

Sometimes they live and die with the champions and are never revealed. I have made it a point to delve into the secrets of physical ability among the top men and am glad to be able to bring you the FACTS. 

During my frequent visits to America (said Reg), I had the opportunity to visit with the champions. One day last spring I accompanied Abe Goldberg to a local tennis court. Abe, as the readers of this magazine well know is one of the most massively developed bodybuilders in the world. I was thrilled when I watched the ease, grace and skill he possessed in this game. Playing several tough matches his speed never lessened and his endurance appeared unlimited. His tennis was of such high caliber that I am certain he could make a great name for himself in this sport too if he so wanted. 

Ahem. And then . . . 

A short time later I went to the golf links with Frank Stranahan, whom all those acquainted with will know well as being one of the most brilliant golfers of all time. Frank has been training with weights for eleven years and besides possessing a great build he has placed high in a number of weightlifting contests. His driving power in golf and his great muscular coordination was another revelation to me. He NEVER failed to come through in a pinch. He possessed USEFUL muscles. 

A few days later I went to the beach with Barton Horvath. Barton weighed over 200 lbs at the time at average height. There we went to the handball courts. Seeing Barton go through a half dozen hot games and noting his power and speed in action was again proof to me that correctly trained muscles can do anything. 

About a week later I went down to the Bayonne Naval Base to take in the wrestling matches. Imagine my surprise 

Oops, I couldn't resist - 

when I saw my friend Harold Kanner, who was at one time a staff photographer for the ______ publications, as well as being a star bodybuilder, appear to do the final match against the great mat-man, Buddy Rogers, known to his fans as Nature Boy. 

At the time Kanner had been wrestling professionally only 3 months . . . Rogers had 15 years experience, and outweighed Harold by some 25 lbs. I expected a good match, but when I say that the fans are still speaking about the showing Kanner made against Rogers I am not exaggerating. His speed, power and endurance kept Rogers on the go throughout the entire match and the audience was in an uproar. Kanner was pinned by the masterful Rogers, whose physique incidentally appeared as being weight trained to me, but I do feel that this match was one of the most exciting I had ever seen. Overnight it zoomed Kanner to the top brackets. Here is another vivid example of how properly trained muscles can bring you fame and glory in any field.     

Pastor Kevin Fast of Canada

Him too!

And now for the SECRETS of this sensational type of muscular impressiveness and physical ability.

POWER-SPEED movements hold the answer. I am going to set down a number of such movements in this article. However, first I want to impress the reader that the beginner MUST NOT attempt these movements. They are for the advanced man only. 

The beginner must for the first six months at least follow a less severe type of program, one which will place most emphasis upon large muscles and power. His muscles must be MUST be large and well formed before he can tackle these movements. Following the regular ______ system for about 6 months the beginner will have reached the point in development where he will benefit from these POWER-SPEED exercises. Before that time they will be too severe. 

There are some STARTLING reactions which the advanced man will notice almost at once after he works out with these new exercises. His muscles will take on a new character . . . they will grow more fully rounded and muscular. He will feel a new sort of tendon and ligament power. He will discover that he can let go with a supercharge of power at a moment's notice. A different feeling will overcome him. In whatever he does he will feel the quickness and power of a panther. It is an 

After a little while the lifter will discover that he can call upon his muscles to perform practically any movement and they will obey his command like a precision machine. Yes - the wonders of POWER-SPEED exercises are far reaching. For the first time you will really enter into the ranks of the GREATS. The miracle of weights will have produced another masterpiece. Sell it, Sir! 

So if YOU are an advanced weight man and YOU want to get the very most from your training, here are some exercises for you to practice. Try them out for several weeks. Note the unbelievable improvements. Your JOY will be my best repayment for writing this article. 

EXERCISE #1 - The High Bounce Standing Barbell Press. 

You will need a pair of adjustable squat racks (or boxes) for this. Raise the racks to a position just about eye level. Make sure your supports are solid and fully able to handle the impact. Get two pieces of rubber padding and securely affix this padding to the squat stand brackets or the boxes (or the rack pins) upon which the barbell is laid across. 

Now, for a test, load the barbell, which is on the supports (duh), with the amount of weight you can handle in a training limit press. Take the press grip you normally use. Set yourself SECURELY in pressing position and press the barbell overhead. Now carefully lower the bar so that it drops down onto the padded supports and BOUNCE it off, pressing the weight overhead again. If done correctly the second press will be easier than the first. Lower the weight again and once more bounce it off the supports Perform 6 presses. Perform 3 sets. 

Once you have become accustomed to the movement you will be able to use a tremendous amount of weight and will make sensational gains in power and speed. 

EXERCISE #2 - The Bouncing Partial Bench Press off Boxes. 

Obtain two solid boxes each about 14" high. Secure rubber matting to the top of each. Place the barbell so that the plates rest on these two blocks. Now, lie underneath the barbell and take a similar upper body position to the one you would take when performing a supine press. Press the weight off the blocks straight to arms' length. Now, lower quite rapidly and bounce off the blocks, pressing the weight to lockout again. Perform 3 sets of 6 reps in this exercise.

EXERCISE # 3 - The Bouncing Power Shrug off Boxes.

Use the same boxes you used in the previous exercise for these. Place the barbell on the blocks and hold onto the bar with a normal width grip. Now, keeping the elbows stiff, stand up with the weight and at the same time shrug the shoulders as high as you can, trying to part your hair with your shoulders. Lower the weight to the blocks and permit it to bounce off, and again pull up the weight and shrug your shoulders. This exercise will develop the pulling muscles, giving them massive power and speed! Perform 3 sets of 8 repetitions. 

EXERCISE #4 -  The Bouncing Power Deadlift. 

Again using the same blocks, grasp the bar and stand up with the weight as in the regular dead McLift, laddie. Lower the bar to the boxes and bounce up again. perform 3 sets of 6 repetitions. This exercise will give you a lower back of charged dynamite. Never carry matches in your back pocket. 

EXERCISE #5 - The Not Bouncing Partial Squat. 

Adjust the squat racks or rack pins so that when the bar is on them and on your shoulders you will be in a 1/4 squat position (relative to a FULL squat). Now, straighten the legs and lift the weight off the supports. Lower the weight to the start position and IMMEDIATELY straighten out again. DO NOT BOUNCE off the supports . . . merely raise and lower as quickly as possible. Perform 3 sets of 12 reps. 

The above sample routine represents a very thorough workout in itself. You will be able to use more weight in the various movements than ever before. So much that at the start it is not wise to include any other movements in this type of schedule. As you become used to the different exercises and as you gain all the advantages of SPEED-POWER movements you will find that you have far more energy than ever before. Then you can add a cheating curl, bent arm pullover, and leg raises to the program. 

There are many more POWER-SPEED exercises which can be performed. If you like these, and I am sure that you will, come up with more exercises and variations to implement when you begin to go stale on the examples listed above. Switch off when you deem it necessary in order to bypass staleness in your training. But keep records and resume attempting to break them when you come back to each exercise.

Enjoy Your Lifting!       


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