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Sample Chuck Sipes Routines - Part Six

Routine 26 - Six Days a Week


Leg Extension, 2 x 50
Heavy Quarter Squats (no lockout), 4 x 15

Sissy Squats, 4 x 8

 - Stand in an upright vertical posture next to a stationary post, rack or chair, etc. With knees slightly unlocked, place your feet approximately 12 to 18 inches apart, with heels inward and toes rotated out laterally, just slightly. The feet should be about 13" apart and the knees about 17" wide. 

 - To maintain a perfect balance in this quadriceps exercise, lightly grasp hold of the stationary post with one hand. Now, with just your own bodyweight, rise up on your toes, or if you wish, place your heels on a 4" x 4" block of wood. Lean your upper torso backward (approximately 45 degrees from vertical) until you feel a maximum stretch contraction in the quads, especially just above the knees. Your upper torso and thighs will be in alignment with one another if you have done this correctly. 

 - While maintaining this inclined, lying back position (you will basically be at a 45-degree angle to horizontal position), slowly lower your body by bending your knees, allowing them to thrust forward. Allow the upper torso and thighs to descend to where the shoulders are directly over the heels and beyond. Do not relax at this point. Keep continuous tension on the quads by doing a smooth direction reversal at the bottom of the negative stretch (approximately parallel to the floor) phase by straightening your quads and driving your hips forward until you are once again at the non-lock starting point. 

 - Remember as you come up to push off on your heels while pulling the front part of your foot up off the floor. Begin the next rep immediately. With absolutely no pausing, continue until you have completed 4 sets of 8 reps in nonstop, nonlock style. 


Seated DB Press, 4 x 6
Barbell Press Behind Neck, 4 x 8
Behind Neck Chin, 4 x 6
Dip, 4 x 8
Bench Press, 8,8,4,4,2,2,1,1
Preacher Curl, 6 x 10


Triceps Pushdown, 5 x 10
Lying French Press, 6 x 6
Jumping Squat (dumbbell in each hand), 4 x 10
 - spring up fast and keep moving
EZ Bar Reverse Curl, 6 x 8
Bent Arm Barbell Pullover, 5 x 8
Regular Deadlift, 4 x 4

Routine 27 - Five Days a Week


Squat, 8,8,4,4,2,2
Standing Calf, 4 x 20
 - Do these in deep concentration making the calf muscles carry the load. Do in a slow rhythm trying to force out each rep at the peak of the heel raise.
Regular Deadlift, 8,8,4,4,2,2
Barbell Shrug, 4 x 8
Preacher Curl, 4 x 10


Heavy Quarter Squat (nonlock), 6 x 6
Leg Extension, 3 x 10
Leg Curl, 3 x 10
 - Use Pause/No Pause. 1set set pause for a count of two in the bottom position of each rep. Next set there should be no pause whatsoever.  
Stiff Legged Deadlift, 4 x 4
Power Clean, (from dead hang), 4 x 8
Lying French Press, 4 x 8


I mile walk/run

Routine 28 - Shoulder Routine  (three times a week)

Seated Barbell Front Press (shoulder width), 4 x 8 
Seated Barbell Press Behind Neck nonlock, fairly wide), 4 x 8 
Barbell Front Raise, 2 x 12
Seated DB Lateral Raise, 2 x 12
Bentover Rear Lateral, 2 x 10
DB Around the Worlds, 2 x 10

Routine 30 (yeah, I know) - Arm Routine  (three times a week)

Cheat Barbell Curl, 4 x 4
DB Concentration Curl, 6 x 8 
 - Do 2 sets each position: seated palm up, seated palm inner (hammer), bentover with head braced supinating concentration curl. 
Preacher Curl, 3 x 10
Barbell Wrist Curl, 4 x 10
 - 2 sets palms up, 2 sets palms down
Lying French Press, 4 x 6
 - touch bar to nose
Triceps Pushdown, 3 x 20
Chins (palms facing you, wide grip to chin), 6 x 6
Dips, 4 x 8

Routine 31 - Arm Routine  (three times a week) 

Preacher Curl, 2 x 12
Standing Barbell Curl (light to heavy), 12,12,6,6,4,4,2,2
Seated Alternate DB Curl, 4 x 8
Lying French Press, 4 x 8
Bench Dips (slowly), 4 x 8
One Arm Triceps Extension, 2 x 12 
EZ Bar Reverse Curl, 4 x 10
Barbell Wrist Curl (palms up), 2 x 15

Routine 32 - Three Days a Week

Bench Press, 4,4,2,2,1,1
Squat, 4,4,2,2,1,1
Regular Deadlift, 4,4,2,2,1,1
Press Behind Neck, 2 x 12
Barbell Wrist Curl (palms up), 2 x 20
Hanging Leg Raise, 2 x 10
Broomstick Side Bend, 2 x 50
One DB Calf Raise, 2 x 50
 - 20 reps slow, 30 burns, flex hard high on the toes for a 10-count after each set.    

Routine 33 - Every Day


Breathing Squat, 2 x 20
 - light poundage, several deep breaths between each rep 
Straight Arm Barbell Pullover, 2 x 20
 - light poundage, very deep breathing and stretch
Chin Behind Neck, 2 x 8
Dips, 2 x 12


Bench Press, 2 x 12
Power Clean, 2 x 8


Jog, 1 mile
Incline Situp, 1 x 50
Broomstick Front Bend, 1 x 50
Broomstick Side Bend, 1 x 50









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