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Excerpt From "The Saga of the Tijuana Barbell Club" - Josh Bryant/Adam benShea (2017)

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Here's an Article by co-author Adam benShea
on Deadlifting for MMA:

And here's a great 2017 documentary film on the Roots of MMA! 
Outstanding film footage and interviews, a real sweet one:

Table of Contents


The Original Members of the Tijuana Barbell Club


Chapter I: The Origins of Charuto and Cluster Sets
Cluster Set Arm Workouts
Cluster Set Shoulder Workout
Cluster Set Leg Workout
Cluster Set Back Workout
Cluster Set Chest Workout

Chapter II: Body Types and Individualism
Ectomorph Traits
Ectomorph Challenges
Ectomorph Training Tips
Ectomorph Training Frequency Guideline
Mesomorph Traits
Mesomorph Challenges
Mesomorph Training Tips
Mesomorph Training Frequency Guidlines

Chapter III: Gas Station Ready Interval Training

Chapter IV: Pause to Build Strength
Rest-Pause Training Explained
How to Use Rest-Pause Training
Kirk Peters' Plateau-Busting Chest Routine
Charuto's Bulging Back, Arms and Biceps Routine
Big Wheel's Rolling Leg Routine
Charuto's Strong Back equals Strong Man Routine
Oso's Male Stripper Shoulder Routine
Tijuana Barbel Club Rest-Pause Limit Strength Program 
The Program

Chapter V: Watching Waves and Building Sets
Wave Loading Overview
Why It Works
The Program
Accessory Exercises
Further Guidelines
Wave Loading Squat Program
Accessory Exercises
Further Guidelines
Wave Loading Deadlift Program
Accessory Exercises
Further Guidelines

Chapter VI: The Shock Method Challenge
Shock Training Workout Programs
Shock Training for the Chest
Shock Training for Shoulders
Shock Training for Biceps
Shock Training Triceps
Shock Training for Forearms
Shock Training for Calves
Shock Training for Quadriceps
Shock Training for Hamstrings 


Here's that small excerpt, from Chapter VI: 

Shock Training for Quadriceps

When Sugar Murray coerced Charuto into joining a strongman show, Charuto did not expect that the experience would morph into a traveling vaudevillian spectacle. Murray, the consummate hustler, thought that they could get a following if they traveled to Nogales, Juarez, and Monterrey. 

For the most part, Charuto could read people well. It was a trait cultivated by his time working the door, where he would be required to make a quick judgement about someone's violent intentions. However, he would always believe in Murray's scatterbrained plans and it was no different when Murray suggested this itinerant idea.

To prepare for this next stage in the strongman show, Charuto needed to develop his leg training beyond the rest-pause routine. So he created the shock training workout for quadriceps, like the one included below.

Day 1

Front Squats, 5 x 5
Fronts are more knee-dominant than back squats. In other words, the quads are more active. Start light. The second set should increase in weight. The third set should be your top weight; maintain that weight for the remaining two sets. Rest three to four minutes between sets. 

Day 2 

Tyson Squat Workout (see description to follow)

Bodyweight squats force you to sit deeper, use your back less, and torch your quads in the process. Furthermore, reps with just your bodyweight will facilitate active recovery.

Start with 10 playing cards, and line them up two to four feet apart. Squat and pick up the first card, then move to the next card and place the first card on top of the second card . . . after which you squat twice more to pick up each card individually before moving to the third card. Walk to the third card and squat twice to stack each card, then squat three times to pick up each card before carrying the cards to the fourth card, and proceed with the pattern. You will continue this pattern of individually stacking and picking up the cards until you move through all 10 cards in the line. At that point, you will have completed 100 squats. You can add cards as your strength and endurance increase.

Day 3  

Toes Pointed in Leg Extensions 5 x 10 reps.

Squatting variations are functional and do a great job of inner quad or "tear drop" development, but they don't cut the mustard in developing "the sweep" or vastus lateralis. 

No human movements isolate the quads from the hamstrings, but a large sweep is the ideal in bodybuilding circles. So to acquire the sweep, you have to step outside of the functional training paradigm and hit the leg extensions. This unnatural movement unnaturally overloads the sweep to fully develop the quads and vastus lateralis.    

To further accentuate the vastus lateralis, we will point the toes while performing leg extensions. Per A. Tesch used MRI scans in the 1990s, showing that pointing the toes in better isolates the vastus lateralis and more recent EMG studies confirm this. 

Use a tempo of three seconds on the eccentric, two seconds on the concentric, and hold at the top contracted position for one second. [3/0/2/1 tempo]

 Day 4

Olympic Pause Squats, 3 x 8 reps

Olympic lifters have some of the best teardrops in the game. Let's emulate their success and squat like an Oly lifter. Pause at the bottom so the muscles are forced to do the work, rather than using the stretch-shorting cycle to assist us out of the hole. Furthermore, the pause will prolong time under tension. As we know, no muscle will fully develop without heavy, eccentric work.

Squat as low as possible. Think "ass to grass," not just breaking parallel. Pause each rep at the bottom for one second. Go as heavy as possible. Rest three to four minutes between sets.

2 (legs) Up, 1 (leg) Down Leg Press, 3 x 5 reps.

Use full range of motion. Start with a weight that you can do 20 reps with in a two-legged leg press. Lower with one leg for a steady tempo of five seconds. From the bottom position, forcefully push up to the starting position and repeat. Rest three minutes between sets.

Day 5

Repeat Day 2.  

Day 6

Sissy Squats, 3 x 15 reps

Get a good stretch at the bottom to reap the benefits of this movement. Use your bodyweight. Do not add additional resistance. Rest one to two minutes between sets.

Toes Pointed In Leg Extensions

Use a tempo of three seconds on the eccentric, two seconds on the concentric, and hold at the top contracted position for one second. Go heavy, but do not sacrifice technique or tempo for additional weight. Rest 90 seconds between sets. 

Day 7

Pistol Squats, 5 x 8 reps

If you are unable to complete pistol squats, do them on a bench or holding onto the squat rack. Once that becomes too easy, do them holding a towel. Rest one to two minutes between sets. 

There's all kinds of great stuff in this book. Check it out!

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