Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Massive Chest for You Part Four (1957)

Group Four :
Dumbbell Exercises for the Upper Back

Exercise No. 25 - Bent Forward Laterals

While this exercise does not produce much bulk in the upper back, it does add to rear deltoid and upper back muscularity, imparting a more impressive upper back form. It can be performed with locked, straight arms or with a varying degree of bend at the elbows. It can be performed rather slowly with relatively lighter weights and with strong mental concentration, or with heavier weights and some swing and body motion.

Exercise No. 26 - High Bench Two Dumbbell Rowing

This if performed similar to the barbell version, and the rebound technique can be used here as well.

Exercise No. 27 - One Arm Rowing 

Can be performed strictly, or not. Rebound can be used.

Exercise No. 28 - Dumbbell Shrugs

Same as above.

Exercise No. 29 - Side Press

John Goodman Side Pressing on the set of Argo

This exercise can be an excellent latissimus builder. Regular use of it will add greater width to your upper back which will in turn ad inches to the measurement of your chest.

To perform the exercise stand erect, feet a comfortable distance apart, a dumbbell held at the shoulder. Bend over to the side and at the same time press the weight to arms' length above the head. DO NOT bend the knees when performing this exercise. Keep them locked. When the weight has been pressed to arms' length above the head, lower it to the shoulder and repeat.

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