Thursday, October 27, 2016

Article Two: Five Day a Week Superset Program - 1968

This article is credited to Sergio Oliva, who had just won the 1968 Mr. Olympia and was a pretty hot property in the mags at the time. Okay then, let's forget who actually wrote it and find out if there's something of use for you here!

This Routine Made Me Mr. Olympia 

Surprisingly, my routine is not nearly as complicated as some bodybuilders would expect. I use supersets a lot, and I train instinctively as far as my daily poundages and exercise selection go. This is a five day per week layout, with the weekends free.  The weights given are what I use on most days. You can adjust up or down to match your own levels. I keep moving when I train, keep my heart rate up and that's just the way I like doing it. Change weights and on to the next set. I was influenced an enormous amount in this respect while training with Bob Gajda.



Bench Press -
135 x 10, 225 x 5, 315 x 5, 350 x 3, 375 x 3, 400 x 1, 380 x max reps, 360 x max reps, 340 x max reps, and so on decreasing 20 lbs. per set down to 135, so, with the few warmups sets, the triples and the single I do around 20 sets of benches.


Behind Neck Chins -
sets of 10 reps done between sets of the bench presses as I work up to 400 pounds.

Pull Up, Close Grip, Supinated -
sets of 10 done between sets of the bench presses as I work back down to 135.


Press Behind Neck -
warmup set or two of 10 reps, then 200 pounds x 5 sets of 10, superset with
Wide Grip Dips, 5 x 10 with 120 pounds.

Pressdowns, 150 pounds x 5 sets of 15, superset with
Dumbbell Press, 85's x 5 sets of 15.

Back and Traps:

Upright Row, 180 pounds x 5 sets of 10, superset with
Bentover Row, 150 pounds x 5 sets of 10.


Situps, 5 x 50 reps.

Standing Raises, 5 x 25 reps with 200 pounds.


Seated Dumbbell Curl, 70's x 5 sets of 15, superset with
Barbell Curl, 145 for 5 sets of 10.


French Press, 150 for 5 sets of 10, superset with
One Arm Pressdown, 90 for 5 sets of 15.


Preacher Curl, 100 for 5 sets of 10, superset with
Seated Triceps Press, 100 for 5 sets of 10.



Situps, 15 sets of 25, tri-set with
Twists with a Broomstick, 2 minutes, tri-set with
Leg Raise, 15 sets of 25.

Squat, same sequence as bench pressing, around 20 sets,
I put the one legged calf raises in between sets of squats.

One Legged Heel Raise, 200 pounds for 15 sets of 20.  

Thursday: Repeat Monday

Friday: Repeat Tuesday, and add some Leg Extension / Leg Curl Supersets after the arm work. 

Saturday and Sunday: Rest.

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