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Triple Squats - Joe Weider (1959)

Bill Pearl
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Jack Delinger 

Paul Anderson

Unfortunately, the squat -- done workout after workout -- becomes boring. Because of this the bodybuilder dreads it and therefore puts little enthusiasm into the movement. Worse -- some of you dislike it so much that you rush through it without getting its full benefit.

To gain maximally with the squat you must like to squat. You should always find it interesting, exhilarating and productive. It should keep your mind alive. If you learn to like it, you'll make terrific muscular gains . . . not on your legs alone, but all over your body. If you continue to hate it because it seems dull, monotonous and primitive, then the results will be small indeed.

Since the squat is a "must" you should never intentionally omit it from your routine. Therefore, to learn new ways of doing it will increase your interest and enthusiasm, and speed the gains you hope for. That's why, with this article, I am offering you a different variation -- or rather a different way of performing all variations of the squat -- which will add unusual interest and variety to your training.

Here's how it goes: Select a squatting poundage which you can handle for 10 reps. Place the weight across your shoulders. Now sink into a deep, full squat. 

 Next, rise until your thighs are just slightly above horizontal position. From here, sink again into the full squat and continue rising half way and lowering all the way for 6 reps.

Rack the weight a rest a moment until breathing returns to normal. Now place the bar on the shoulders again. This time lower to just slightly below horizontal position, and return to erect starting position. Continue to lift in this manner for 6 reps, lowering to just below horizontal and rising to the erect position. 

This is one Triple-Squat Set. The principle used here is the Peak Contraction Method, which you have probably used in building other parts of your body. 

Now, if your strength and energy permit, perform five more Triple-Squat sets --- six triple-sets altogether. If you can do but three or four of these compound sets that's all right. Just keep trying to add sets and reps until you can do the full six Triple-Squat sets. Then start adding more weight to the bar.

Try this method at different times in all your variations of the squat -- Hack, Reeves, Half, Parallel, Full, Front, etc. Every workout day will be filled with more interest in this way.

Of course, you must remember not to simply go through the motions when lifting, and always focus hard during your training. Be sincere, concentrate on the task, be determined and give the exercise all you've got . . . mentally, emotionally and physically.  


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