Saturday, December 27, 2014

Push-Pull Supersets - Don Ross

Books by Don Ross:

Building Strong Arms (Getting strong), 1984, Anderson World
Thinning your waist (Getting strong), 1984, Anderson World
Secrets of Super Fitness, 1972 
Fundamentals of Bodybuilding, 1985, Collier Books
With Robert Kennedy, Muscleblasting: Brief and Brutal Shock Training, 1988, Sterling Pub Co, Inc.

Supersets were popularized in the early 1960s by in the Weider magazines Mr. America and Muscle Builder. Larry Scott, Harold Poole and Freddy Ortiz attributed much of their development to the superset format. 

A superset is a pair of two exercises that are alternated. For example, do a set of barbell curls. Without resting do a set of seated dumbbell curls, then back to barbell curls, etc. The advantage of supersetting is that it can be done nonstop, especially if you are alternating two body parts such a a curl (biceps) supersetted with triceps presses (triceps). Supersets can be done for the same bodypart, for example, dumbbell curl supersetted with reverse-grip barbell curl. This creates more intensity for increased muscle growth and continuous movement for a fat-burning effect.

In the Push-Pull system each exercise is alternated with one that works the opposing muscle group (the muscles that produce movement in the opposite direction). For example, a set of bench presses, working the pushing muscles, is alternated with bentover barbell rows, which work the pulling muscles. Exercising in this manner allows each muscle group to rest a little longer to maintain strength through a series of sets, while at the same time your workout is intensified by the reduced total training time it takes to do a specific amount of work.

This workout is a 4-way split routine. You may use a 6-day split as well. Do 5 cycles of each superset pariing, and use a weight you can handle for roughly 10 reps.


 1st and 4th Days

Dumbbell Bench Press, superset with 
Bentover Dumbbell Rows - 5 sets of 10 reps (for all supersets listed)

Chest Dips, superset with 
Upright Barbell Rows

Barbell Press Behind Neck, superset with 
Wide Grip Pulldowns

Barbell Front Raise, superset with 
Straight-Arm Lat Pulldown

Bentover Lateral Raise, superset with
Flat Bench Flyes

2nd and 5th Days

Hack Lift, superset with 
Lying Leg Curl

Leg Extension, superset with 
Seated Leg Curl

Standing Calf, superset with
Reverse Toe Raise

Roman Chair Situps, superset with

Incline DB Curls, superset with
Decline Triceps Press

Lying Pulley Curl, superset with
Triceps Pushdown, palms down

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