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Suggestion Box - giveitaname (the blog author)

I'd like to try using the comments section as a "Suggestion Box" and see how that goes.  No requests for specific articles or magazine issues, that's a little much. 

More general than that. 

Authors, topics, eras . . . that's the stuff. I won't post things that are already online or pirated things that are already easy to find. The point is to add to the lifting library already existent online . . . quality not quantity, caliber not clicks.  

Drop off your suggestions in the comments section. 

Let's see how that lays itself out over the next while . . . it might be fun! 


John said...

1945 to 1975.

Anything by the great Olympic weightlifters Pete George and Lee James?

Pete George was the first 15 year old to clean and jerk 300 lbs; wonder how he trained that lift? Anything by his coaches Barnholth Brothers?

(Your blog already has Pete George 1961 articles on Psychology of Weightlifting - which are great - and excerpt from his Secrets of Squat Snatch).

Lee James wrote (?) some articles in Strength & Health after he won 1976 silver medal.

Bodybuilders - George Eiferman, Timmy Leong, Hugo Labra, Sam Loprinzi, Walter Milner.

Anything by Sig Klein on how he coached his older trainees or himself as he got older (your blog has alot of great content on him already). He was in great shape even in his advanced years.

Anyway, your blog is always a reliable source of sound information and inspiration. Much appreciated.

giveitaname said...

That's the stuff I meant, John. Thanks for participating in making this thing better . . . it's on my list of things to round up! Yes!


I know you already have several articles from Hugh Cassidy, but if you could find some more ? Also, some early Louie Simmons articles pre 1995.

Thank You

giveitaname said...

Hello My Dirty Brother! Some great stuff there to try and hunt down at my dump and elsewhere. This whole deal is just a way to find more, a list getting made of cool schtuff. No date known as far as completion. But hey . . . thanks for making this deal more fun and participating!

giveitaname said...


Hey John, there's more from Secrets of the Squat Snatch by George/Barnholth up since the last time you may have checked. It's a small book in page dimensions, 80 paperback-sized pages. When parts of some material are missing here, aside from full length books that are copyrighted by people unlike Mr. George, who do this thing for profit first and foremost, I leave parts out that I find are repetitive and already covered repeatedly in other material. The basics, basically, in most cases. That, however (look at me write like an adult here), is not the case with the Barnholth/George book.

In this case I left parts out in order that lifters who want the full book will purchase it, and that may help with the reissue costs that were more than likely footed by Mr. George. The whole book is available, not too pricey at all really. I have no clue now where my copy is . . . it's in either a big walk-in closet under a couple of now-dead people's stuff stored that I still haven't got around to going through . . . or a tall file cabinet with papers and crap hanging out of it . . . or in one of two closets full of this type-a stuff (so much for writin' like a dang adult, eh). It's a good book! Worth the small amount of money it costs to read completely.

The reading order is: Part One . . . From Secrets of . . . and finally Part Two. I found the excerpt in a mag, then the book itself was reissued thanks to Mr. George's efforts to do so; that's when I got hands on a copy and put up the other two parts.

Mr. George has made many other contributions to the planet as well:
Sleep research, sleep obstruction, sleep apnea.

Have a good one over there!

giveitaname said...


A lot of Mr. Simmons earlier stuff was in Powerlifting USA, and yeah, other mags too. Not sure if you've seen this . . .

It has a ton of scanned PLUSA issues that begin at 1979. You can download them and hunt for more of Louie Simmons earlier articles from there. I'll keep my eyes wide for any that show up outside of the PLUSA issues. Lots of other mag downloads at that site as well.

I have some of the PLUSA issues here that aren't on that site, the real early ones. Somewhere here. It was a helluva thing . . . the deal a lifetime powerlifter here gave me on two or three boxes of PLUSA issues. Many asshats sell them for outrageous prices to people who collect the stuff, I guess. This fella charge me something like two bucks an issue if I took the lot. Real good guy; powerlifting was a huge part of his life. The real old black and whiters are rough around the edges and still walking like a toddler, but they were and still are good stuff.

Imagine how much interest in lifting Powerlifting USA created with all their efforts over all those years and all those issues!

Have a good one next session!

John said...


Yes, I purchased the re-issue of Secrets of the Squat Snatch. I had been after it for so long. When it became available a few years ago, I had to buy a copy.

Pete George passed away last year at 92.

giveitaname said...

Quite a man, and what a life!

Jeff said...

I've been giving this a lot of thought and I think I finally know what to suggest so here goes:

More articles on Louis Cyr, Uni Apollon and if you can find anything more about Thomas Topham. I've always been fascinated with the old-time strongmen. Next, I'd like to read about Serge Reding and Vasily Alekseyev. Those were two of the strongest Olympic lifters of all time along with Doug Hepburn and Paul Anderson. I've read a little booklet on Serge that I got from ebay that claims he was able to front squat 800+ lbs. Also, I've read an unsubstantiated claim that Vasily was able to squat 1,000 lbs. Would love to know more on how those two trained!

Lastly, I would greatly appreciate some articles on Richard Kee who is always mentioned in Gene Mozee's articles. Gene stated that Kee benched 525 and pressed 300 behind the neck in 1958. I've always wanted more info about Richard Kee. Jon Pall Sigmarsson was unbeatable on stones and was great at deadlifting. I'd like to know more about him and his training. I usually watch him lift stones before I do my farmers walk to motivate myself. I'd like to read anything about Kaz's awesome overhead pressing power and how he trained for it. I've watched interviews where he states that he could clean and press a pair of 165s and press 500 overhead. Even though you've already posted so many Ditillo articles, if you could find anything more that specializes on his phenomenal overhead pressing power would be great!

giveitaname said...

Hello Jeff! Beautiful. It's surprising how many of your suggestions are on my list too.

Jeff said...

Thanks for the feedback! Great minds think alike. Looking forward to your upcoming articles for the rest of the year. Really appreciate your recent Hepburn super strength series. Excellent material!

giveitaname said...

Hey, I like doing this, it's fun!

Jo said...

Sorry, not very internet savvy so didn't quite understand "comment as" thing?

Articles by the late Ken Leistner would be welcomed, by me at least!


giveitaname said...

Hey, no worries. We are what matters here . . . not the internet.

Ken Leistner! You bet! I'll try and get around to finding some stuff that's not here yet, or anywhere else.

Are you familiar with The Steep Tip newsletter he put out a litte ways back? There's also a longrunning column in Powerlifting USA that's gold. I want to see more of his stuff up here too!

Jo said...

Yes, I managed to buy a few copies of The Steel Tip from somewhere many years ago. There was a book published caalled Steel Tip Collection but all copies got sold out and there's no plans to reprint.


giveitaname said...

Here's a word.doc of The Steel Tip.

Watch the popups and if you have any problems with that link get me here.

giveitaname said...

I don't figure Doc Ken would mind if he were still with us here.
That man was definitely ONE OF A KIND . . . the good kind!

JO said...

thank you, much appreciated.

Jo said...

have you read the doc @ fle fsactory? perhaps it's some kind of "translated" copy? doesn't seem to "read" like leistner to me?

giveitaname said...

Hello Jo! Yes I have, and put some of it up on this blog. I just ignored whatever happened via software, or maybe transcribing by someone whose first language isn't English, or whatever it went through to get to the point of the version we're looking at. It ain't perfect, but his message and info still shines through for me.

JO said...

Ah, ok, I'll give it a read, thanks.

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