Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Only Non-Lifting Post on This Blog - Some Great Tattoo Work Here

Trevor Shea!

My oldest daughter and Trevor were together for a bunch of years, still good friends too.
He's a great guy and an exceptional tattoo artist. With an absolutely fascinating mind up top to boot.

Check out some of his work . . .

Click Pics to ENLARGE
Tiger with Girl (1)

Tiger with Girl (2)

Monster Cock

A small section of my much loved eldest Daughter's full-coverage work in progress. This part inspired by traditional Fudō Myō-ō: In Japanese Buddhist mythology, the fierce form of the Buddha Vairocana, and the most important of the Myō-ō class of deities.

The pic comes off looking a bit faded compared to the real life one. Click to enlarge and check out some of the finer details on that part above. Real nice. This section is also Trevor's work.
All Good! No Worries! 

Here's links for more from Trevor, and a some contact info:

Trevor Shea:
604 783 8427

More Work:

More Work:

Email Contact:

Other than pleasure and the joy of being able to, I don't receive anything for the lifting book mentions and links I post here on this blog. Holds true for the above as well.

Have a Good One, and remember to
Hold Tight, Hang On, and Head Forward.

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