Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Massive Arms for You, Part Seven - Joe Weider (1956)


So far in this course I've been doing all the work. Now, the time has come for a more even distribution of labor, so keep your training togs handy; you'll need them soon. 

If that's Joe Weider writing I'll eat my Protein From The Sea.

Charles A. Smith? 
You bet. 

I don't blame you if you're itching to get started on some of the more than 70 basic exercises and the hundreds of variations of these I've outlined. But -- just using these exercises without knowing WHY or HOW will give you a pair of mighty sore arms, but not much else.

Obviously, you can't just pick out any exercises that might strike your fancy and then expect them to give you massive arms. But, you can be sure that there is a time and an appropriate place for each one of the exercises and their many variations. And that, I propose to tell you now.

First, you and I must settle one important point, and this is -- are you really ready for arm specialization? The chances are that you don't quite know for sure. You want to get bigger arms, of course. If you didn't you wouldn't be reading this book.
So, will arm specialization do you any real good at this time? Here's how you can tell. If you've had at least a year of regular training with a good course of instructions then you are advanced enough to benefit from specialized arm work. If you have had less than that length of consistent proper training then you will be wise to merely study this book, but to hold off following any of the routines in it until you have had the required minimum experience. 

Don't forget, even on a rather general course, your arms are definitely not being neglected. Many of the exercises I've listed are likely quite familiar to you already. 

However, the time element in itself is not the complete guide. While it is true that after a year's proper training experience you should be advanced enough to specialize on the arms, or any other part of the body for that matter, this still doesn't mean that such specialization is needed by you. Therefore, here is another condition you should obey. Besides making sure that you've been training properly for at least a year on a good all around general program, DO NOT begin to specialize on the arms unless the course you are presently following has ceased to make them grow. In other words, if your arms are still growing satisfactorily, don't make any change in their training. 

This is only common sense, for the test of the worth of any course is RESULTS! Just as long as you are getting results from any course DO NOT make a change, regardless of how long you may have been on the course. Only AFTER improvement ceases for a few weeks can you be certain that you've outgrown the productiveness of the course for now, and only then should you make a switch. I hope that point is completely clear.

And now, let us presume that after carefully reading the foregoing you decide you are ready to specialize on your arms. What should you do? 

Make up your mind what you immediate arm training goal is. In other words, decide WHAT YOU WANT AND NEED MOST. Is it more bulk, greater definition, improved proportion, or an increase in power? 

Only you know exactly what you want, so only you can make the decision. But, once you do make up your mind, train only for the one, major purpose you have picked out. Select exercises and routines devised to produce that result, and don't split up your training, following a bulk course one day, a definition course the next, a power course the third and a muscle proportioning course the next.

To gain maximum benefit from any routine you must stick to it for a least a reasonable amount of time. Then  

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