Thursday, June 2, 2022

D.I.Y. Ideas

Here's two pages from the past, filled with great ideas and grip training creations: 

Enjoy Your Lifting! 


Jan Dellinger said...

Hey...this is new and different subject matter for TTSDB.

giveitaname said...

That's from a while ago, but it's still great, isn't it. Some things have changed, and when I looked at all that D.I.Y. grip stuff the first thing I thought of was, what were the handles like on that R.I.P. box?

Anonymous said...

hail from the appalachian mountains. in my DIY days, I did squats off a table (diner table from the 60's, pulled apart, 2 cinder blox, squat rack.] and did leg extensions with a rope, a pulley, and weights on a dumbbell handle. hacks are hacks, and now im old and all hacked up. cheers lads.

giveitaname said...

Hello! Great idea with that table opened up. That's the first time I've ever heard of it. I used to rig up stuff, both as a kid at my folks house and later on in the basement where my family lived. Rafters, Baby! So many things you can do with those, some rope, a few bolts, a pulley and a pile of weights. I still like the stuff I did down there with a bar hanging from two chains attached to solid rafters/ Set 'em at different heights, start from a dead-stop bottom and have at 'er. Man, deadlifts at different heights too, with no rack at that point in sight. Good times, eh.

seven.scales said...

great times indeed.

man. this blog page saves the day for me and it has every day since i discovered it, in 2014. its got me all kinds of jacked and entertained. I hope you keep doing this for quite a time.
...just a bit of hero worship, forging my own eternity. cheerzzzzz

giveitaname said...

2014 . . . whoa! That's great to know. So far . . . so good
knock wood!

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