Sunday, April 14, 2019

Dr. Ken Leistner Workout

This tape was made for the enjoyment of the Leistner children and friends of the family, with a special "Thank You" to Steve Baldwin, Pat Casey, and Sean Kelleher for their insistence that it be made. 

Check this out. 
I believe Mr. Leistner was around 160 lbs. 
Not sure of his age in this workout, around 52.
Prepare to be humbled.
And very inspired.

Overhead Press - 253 x 4 
Full Oly Squat - 407 x 22
Stiff Legged Dead on a Box (full lower with round back) - 347 x 14
Log Clean (from Hang) & Push Press - 216 x 3
Shrug (strapped) - 347 x 13
Nautilus Pullover (slow eccentric) - 160 x 9
Farmer's Walk Bar Shrugs - 119 x 11
Strict Barbell Curl - 154 x 4 plus 2 with a wee swing
And . . . putting all the plates back where they belong. 

Right crazy stuff! One after the other.  

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