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Goal Setting - Tommy Kono

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Goal Setting
by Tommy Kono

You know that a ship without a rudder will flounder around in the ocean. It can wander aimlessly forever. A commercial airplane would never leave an airport without a flight plan. It requires a destination; a time of departure and the time of arrival.

Our reason for training should be the same for we need a specific purpose and goals if we really want to show improvement. It is not enough to appear at the gym, all suited up to work up a sweat - unless you are there just to be physically active and to socialize.

Your training can be more meaningful and productive if you have a definite idea what you want to accomplish with your time at the gym. All this requires much thought before you even set foot in the gym. Having a definite objective in your training is critical if you want the time spent to be truly productive.

Let us say you want to break the Clean & Jerk record. Don't just say you want to break the C&J record. Be more specific and state the actual record weight that needs to be lifted. Where are you now in relation to that record lift you want to make? What kind of progression must you make to achieve this goal?

If your goal is to C&J 400 pounds and you are now lifting only 300, you have to find ways and means of improving 100 pounds in this one lift. You know you require good leg strength to accomplish a 400-pound Clean. If you can perform a minimum of 3 reps in the Front Squat with a weight above 400 pounds you have the possibility of succeeding in making the lift. If you can perform only 3 reps with 350, common sense will tell you that you cannot expect a 400-lb. lift. So here is where practicality comes in. You have to boost your Front Squatting ability if you want to C&J more so a t raining plan must be created that will work your legs to make them stronger.

If your best Clean is 300 pounds, you have to develop pulling power that will equate to a 400-lb. pull. It cannot be a dead lift and a shrug but a smooth, accelerating pull that can be high enough for a Clean of 400 lb.

These squatting and pulling powers will not increase overnight so this is where developing a logical training plan comes in - to gradually improve these core exercises.

If you have a definite goal in mind, by logical thinking you can break it down into sub-goals that you will eventually attain; and this will lead to the fulfillment of your wish to succeed with your grand goal of a 400-lb. Clean & Jerk.

It will take great desire, determination, dedication, plus discipline of the mind; and the body must be adapting to these heavier loads. Sacrifices will be required as well as patience for the progress. It means quality effort and time must be spent to achieve the goal. To succeed, you must have faith in your ability to carry your training and training plan to success. Progress will come in increments so you must keep hammering away with your goal always in sight. Your focus on your goal should be so great that you even dream it in your sleep. Only when you come to the point of believing in your ability to accomplish it will this goal be met.

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