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The Original Pre-Exhaust Article - Robert Kennedy

Robert Kennedy
1938 - 2012

Before reading this article we might want to take a moment to consider all that Bob Kennedy did for the Iron Game. Thanks to you, Robert Kennedy, for changing so many lives for the better.
On the other shore . . .

A New Technique For Shoulders
by Robert Kennedy (1968)

I am going to introduce you to a new technique in bodybuilding. It's for your shoulders. Do you want broader shoulders? Man . . . you want broader shoulders . . . we all do! Those delts can never be overdeveloped; arms can occasionally be overdeveloped, as can thighs and pecs, but at the time of this writing I don't recall any weight man who has overdeveloped his delts. But we're going to have a darn good try. My shoulders have always been under par, so I developed this principle, tried it out, and lo! It works!!! My shoulders are beginning to balloon out and after three weeks of constant progress they haven't stopped yet. Pleased? I'm ecstatic.

Pressing After Lateral Raise

I want you to try my deltoid enlarging principle. I want you to give it a few weeks, or more if you can continue progress for a longer period.

I also want you to write in and let me know how you got on with this program.

From my experience in the past I have found that most bodybuilders have to give their shoulders a lot of time-consuming deltoid work. I say MOST bodybuilders because I do know one or two guys who have virtually reached maximum size on just three sets of eight presses, but they are certainly in the minority. I myself have always started my workouts with at least an hour's pressing with barbells and dumbbells and enjoyed only moderate success as a result. I have used lateral raises also, but not in the same way as I am going to recommend you do in this new-found technique.

Before I explain it to you in detail I want to stress the importance of a protein supplement in the nutritional program of the modern bodybuilder. Whether you choose to buy special protein powder or just like to mix a few eggs with milk or milk powder, there is a definite place for added protein (usually to be taken between normal meals) in the bodybuilder's diet.

Now, we've always been told that pressing is THE exercise for the shoulders, and one only has to look at a few competent Olympic lifters to realize that pressing does build thickness into the deltoids, but at the same time few bodybuilders can spend the hours at heavy pressing and other overhead movements that the lifter can. He has many other muscle areas to do justice to.

The trouble with the press as a shoulder builder is that a lot of the stress is thrown onto the triceps. The taking of a wider grip alleviates this to a certain extent but nevertheless it is not a pure deltoid exercise. The lateral raise is, though, and most progressive bodybuilders will include a portion of pressing, either in front or behind the neck, followed by a few sets of lateral raises. This sequence usually works well at first but progress comes to a standstill sooner or later. Thus it was through by endeavor to find an exercise combination to isolate the shoulder muscles that I stumbled on this new permutation.

Like most principles the actual exercises don't vary, but the method of performance does.

The idea is merely to tire the deltoid cap by performing four or five sets of medium-heavy lateral raises. You will find that this will tend to pump up the shoulder muscles exclusively, but somehow most bodybuilders find that leverage movements alone are not conducive to substantial progress.

Now, instead of preceding the lighter lateral raise with some form of pressing as is the normal case, and usually brings good results, I am suggesting that some form of pressing FOLLOWS the laterals! The deltoids are already tired, and consequently when you start pressing you will find that the triceps can perform their part with ease, but those delts -- they already have a pump, they're dead beat from the laterals, so now they are virtually screaming with pain to keep up with the triceps. Fellas, I can't explain the effect. Just try it. After you've used this program you'll probably realize for the first time just what it's like to have a giant pump in those delts. They'll ache right through to the bone.

To recap, perform four or five sets of lateral raises with dumbbells. Tire your shoulders with this preliminary exercise. Then, without much of a rest perform four or five sets of pressing or pressing behind the neck. Yes, I know it's simple, but then successful bodybuilding techniques usually are. Give it a try, and balloon out those delts.

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