Saturday, November 4, 2017

How Much Should I Train - Dr. Mike Israetel and Dr. James Hoffman

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This is a great book! Very innovative ways of addressing that question. You know the one, the one you avoid really looking at in your training. Am I doing enough to gain at my fastest? What exactly IS my fastest possible rate of progress? How do I change my ability to progress? Tons of answers, all laid out in an easy to grasp style. I mean, using beer in a glass as a teaching tool, well, at that point the authors had me all the way. 

Seriously worthwhile book for any and all lifters. 

"How Much Should I Train: An Introduction to Training Volume Landmarks"

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Maximum Recoverable Volume
Chapter 2: Minimum Effective Volume
Chapter 3: Maximum Adaptive Volume
Chapter 4: Maintenance Volume
Chapter 5: Finding Your Personal Volume Landmarks
Chapter 6: Volume Landmarks Through the Dieting Phases
Chapter 7: Volume Landmarks Over the Training Career
Chapter 8: Select Implications for Organization of Sport Training
Worksheet Templates for Volume Landmark Tracking

More on Training Volume Landmarks here:


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