Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Arm Specialization - Brooks Kubik

Arm Specialization
by Brooks Kubik

Many guys are interested in dinosaur arm training. Here’s as arm specialization program.

Train 3 times per week. Two total-body training sessions and one session where you hit arms only. Train for strength and power – and you’ll not only build big arms, but arms that are strong and functional as well. You CAN curl heavy poundages if you make up your mind to do so. Ditto on the heavy triceps work such as the close-grip bench press.

Here’s your schedule:

1.) Squat – 2x10, 2x8, 2x6.
2.) Barbell or Dumbbell Bench Press – 2x10, 2x8, 2x6.
3.) Barbell Bentover Row – 2x10, 2x8, 2x6.
4.) Two-Dumbbell Clean & Press – 4x5. Do a complete DB clean AND press on each rep, not one clean followed by all the presses.
5.) Situps or Leg Raises – 15-40 reps.

1.) Standing Barbell Curl – 5x5. Three progressively heavier warmup sets followed by two working sets.
2.) Close-Grip Bench Press – 5x5. Same as the barbell curls. Shoulder width grip.
3.) Standing Hammer Curl with Dumbbells – 4x8-10. Work up to your top weight for the final set.
4.) Parallel Bar Dip – 4x810. Work up to your top weight for the final set.
5.) Standing Reverse Barbell Curl (rectangular fix) – 5x5. Same as the barbell curls.
6.) Bench Dips – 5x10-12. Add weight on each set. OR One-Arm Dumbbell Press – 5 sets of 6-8 reps. Work up to top weight on the final set. A great triceps exercise.
7.) Grip work with grippers, thick bar holds, hanging from a 2” bar for as long as possible, etc.

Repeat Monday’s schedule, but finish with Cheat Barbell Curls for 5x6-8 and Close-Grip Bench Presses for 5x6-8.

Remember, this is a heavy program. Use it for 6-8 weeks, always trying to add weight to all your exercises whenever possible. Good luck and good training!

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