Tuesday, December 9, 2008

20 Rep Squat Routine - Stuart McRobert

This is an altered article showing a Stuart McRobert interpretation of the classic routine for adding size in a hurry, a simple enough version of the 20 rep squat routine:

1.) Situp
2.) Squat, followed immediately by
3.) Light Breathing Pullover
4.) Calf Raise
5.) Bench Press
6.) Stiff Legged Deadlift (once a week only) followed immediately by
7.) Light Breathing Pullover
8.) Pulldown, Bent Row or Chin
9.) Barbell Curl
10.) Close Grip Bench Press

The squat has been placed second in the routine because in the later going it’s so tough that it needs all your energy and motivational reserves. Some people prefer to leave it till the end of the routine, but we recommend you do the squat early and take a good 15 to 20 minute breather following the accompanying pullovers. Take as long as you like, as long it takes to do justice to the rest of the routine.

Squat in good form, use heavy weights with lots of breathing, and add weight every workout. Eat lots of high-protein foods, rest and relax as much as you can and maintain a positive outlook.

You’ll be doing ONE TOP SET for each exercise. Precede this with a warmup set or two.

The cycle lasts nine weeks. For the first three workouts you’ll be training within your limits. Don’t just jump into the hard stuff immediately, get some momentum going. Start out using easily managed poundages and add to them so that by the 4th workout you’re pushing hard to get the required reps. The next seven weeks will test you and your desire to attain.

Keep the reps at 20 for the squat, pullover and calf raise. 12 for the deadlift and 6 to 10 for everything else. The idea is to time things so that you are starting the full bore effort in the 4th workout. At this point, don’t stop a set because you’ve reached the repetition goal. One set each, no holding back, increase your poundages each workout.

Of course, you’ll also be increasing your consumption of food and drink during this period, if you want to make gains. There are just 10 exercises in the program. Crunches are not done to the limit and pullovers are done with a light bar for the stretch, breathing and ribcage expanding benefits. You have only 8 hard sets each workout. Add nothing. Maintain the workout by workout squat increases at all costs, even if that means dropping other exercises near the end of the cycle.

The routine is to be done twice a week. Take an extra day off if you really need it.



After the 4th workout you’ll have to psych yourself to add 10 pounds every week to the deadlift and 5 to the squat. You can do it if you want it.
Easy on paper, hard under the bar.

Give it all you’ve got and be amazed.

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